Earn Your Leisure’s Invest Fest Faces Criticism and Discontent From Attendees


Earn Your Leisure's highly anticipated Invest Fest has come under fire as attendees express their disappointment and frustration with the event. Hailed as a premier gathering for financial education and investment insights, the festival has left many questioning its value and organization.

Despite boasting an impressive lineup of renowned celebrities and business figures like Steve Harvey, Diddy, and Robert F. Smith, Invest Fest fell short in delivering a satisfying attendee experience for many people.

Numerous attendees reported a lack of clear scheduling and communication as a major issue plaguing the event. With sessions running off-schedule and limited information available about topics and speakers, participants were left in a state of confusion, missing out on key sessions they had hoped to attend.

One attendee, @shun_henry on Instagram stated, "I was so over the 2 hr wait, schedule changes, lack of information. Even those working the event were not on the same page.” This disarray not only disrupted the event's flow but also hindered the networking and learning opportunities that were promised.

Another attendee on Instagram, @charisma___cares stated, "I have my pass if someone wants it. This is the worst conference I've ever attended. Maybe someone else will enjoy the music and concerts but I came to increase my knowledge and wealth."

The attendee also stated, “The wait to get in was 1-2 hours. They had pre-registration yesterday but apparently turned people away. There were suppose to be all these speakers. No one spoke when they were suppose to if at all. I was there for hours and only saw podcasts. When speakers should be on there's a DJ, music and dancing. The acoustics are awful so if you do "catch" a Speaker you can barely hear. I will be challenging this with my credit card company because I did not receive what I purchased.”

Attendees have also voiced concerns about the quality of the content presented at Invest Fest. Expected to provide attendees with actionable investment strategies and insights from industry experts, the festival instead showcased speakers who were late or lacking the depth of knowledge expected from such an event. Many attendees left sessions feeling unsatisfied and questioning whether their time and resources were well spent.

The disappointment was palpable among attendees with disabilities as they found themselves excluded from fully participating in Invest Fest due to a glaring lack of inclusivity and accessibility measures. The event's failure to accommodate diverse needs highlighted a missed opportunity to create an environment that caters to everyone. Attendees with disabilities expressed frustration at the barriers they encountered, emphasizing the importance of equal access to such gatherings. The absence of appropriate accommodations not only marred their experience but also underscored the significance of making events like Invest Fest truly accessible for all, ensuring that no one is left behind in the celebration.

One Twitter user, @KLovingMusic stated, “2nd day at #InvestFest such a wonderful experience, learning a lot already, but I am disappointed that they really haven't thought about people with #physicaldisabilites in terms of seating or guides to elevators and lines, etc.”

Technical difficulties added fuel to the fire, disrupting sessions and leading to growing frustration among attendees. Audio issues were prevalent throughout the festival, leaving many questioning the event's overall professionalism and preparation.

One Instagram user, @krystalsinclaire stated, “Please fix the sound, some of us who have hearing issues are struggling right now.”

With disappointed attendees taking to social media to express their discontent, Earn Your Leisure's reputation has taken a hit. The negative sentiment surrounding Invest Fest highlights the importance of delivering on promises and ensuring a well-organized and valuable experience for attendees.

Another Instagram user, @lilamaeo stated, “2nd time attendee here. Last year was amazing. This year was disappointing. The logistics were poor. No water stations for 20k people who had to walk so far to get anywhere. 12 small food stations with lines a football field long. 20k people can't all go to lunch at once. Stagger that. It was chaotic and congested with folks trying to all exit a tight space at once. Then narrow escalators broke down. Puff 3.5 hours late. I go to conferences all the time so I know my expectations are normal. Next year: water stations, quadruple the food stations, put the food closer to us than the marketplace (not sure if it was strategically reversed but if so that was cruel) and more directional signage. I gave my VIP band to some girl for free cuz I can't do this again tomorrow. C'mon y'all. We deserved better. Messing up your brand with these awful logistics.”

With General Admission tickets priced at $300, VIP Admission priced at $1,800, Platinum VIP priced at $5,000 and VIP Lifetime Membership priced at $13,000....is this event really worth the time and money people are spending to feel like they've experienced inadequate treatment?

While the logistical issues did affect many people's experiences for the worst, others have stated that Invest Fest is a great place to network, learn and gain motivation. The networking opportunities with professionals and like-minded individuals seem to be a pro for the event. The festival attracts many people who share common interests in finance, investing, business, and entrepreneurship. The engagement with fellow attendees can create a sense of camaraderie and a supportive community that lasts beyond the event.

As the event comes to a close, organizers are now faced with the task of addressing these criticisms and learning from their mistakes. If Earn Your Leisure hopes to salvage its reputation and credibility as a provider of quality financial education events, it will need to take significant steps to rectify the issues that marred this year's Invest Fest.

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