Women Of Wrestling: The Return of The Beast and Exciting New Roster for Season Two


Wrestling enthusiasts and fans of empowerment alike are in for a treat as the world's premier all-female sports entertainment entity, WOW - Women Of Wrestling, announces its highly anticipated second season. The latest installment promises to be a riveting continuation of the action-packed saga that captivated audiences during its debut season. The highlight of this announcement is the triumphant return of former WOW World Champion, The Beast, after a long and intense rehab from a broken leg, alongside a stellar roster of both new and returning WOW Superheroes.

After a hiatus resulting from a broken ankle and a subsequent devastating tibia fracture, The Beast is making her triumphant comeback to the ring. Her journey to recovery has been arduous, showcasing her resilience and determination. The fans' anticipation for her return adds an electric buzz to the upcoming season. The Beast's return is a beacon of inspiration, a testament to the spirit of never giving up, and a promise of thrilling confrontations in the ring.

Season two of WOW introduces an exciting lineup of new and returning Superheroes who are ready to showcase their talents, athleticism, and empowering stories. Among the fresh faces are punk rocker Rebel Haze, cheerleader Patty Pep, hip-hop dancer Lil J Boogie, East Hampton Dog Show champion Goldie Collins, feline lover Katarina Jinx, and the gravity-defying Mighty Mights. These Superheroes, each with their unique backgrounds and personas, promise to elevate the excitement and diversity of WOW's dynamic world.

As the new Superheroes prepare to make their mark, returning favorites like Kandi Krush, Tiki Chamorro, Tormenta, and Princess Aussie are all vying to dethrone the current world champion Penelope Pink. The tag team division is equally competitive, with The Tonga Twins, Reina Del Rey and Wrecking Ball, Team Spirit Ariel Sky and Coach Campanelli, and Spring Break 24/7 Sandy Shore and Crystal Waters all gearing up for thrilling battles.

WOW - Women Of Wrestling isn't just a sports entertainment property; it's a movement that champions empowerment, athleticism, and camaraderie. Co-owned by trailblazing sports executive Jeanie Buss and wrestling visionary David McLane, WOW is dedicated to showcasing the strength and resilience of women both domestically and internationally. With its weekly syndication, high-energy live events, and global footprint, WOW is a platform that uplifts and empowers women in and out of the ring.

The upcoming second season of WOW promises to be bigger, bolder, and more competitive than ever before. With the return of The Beast, the introduction of new Superheroes, and the fierce determination of returning favorites, fans are in for an electrifying roller-coaster of athleticism, drama, and empowerment. As WOW - Women Of Wrestling continues to break barriers and shatter stereotypes, its impact on the world of sports entertainment remains profound.

Stay tuned for the nationwide premiere of WOW's second season during the weekend of September 16. The world of wrestling is about to witness a new chapter in the saga of empowerment, athleticism, and unwavering determination.

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