Viral Rumor: No, There’s No Ebola Outbreak at Burning Man


A false claim of an Ebola outbreak at the Burning Man festival took the online world by storm. This alarming rumor surfaced amidst already challenging conditions at the festival, where over 70,000 attendees found themselves stranded due to heavy rain and flooding.

It all began with the unfortunate news of festival-goers being left stranded in the Nevada desert due to flooding. With organizers closing vehicle access and urging attendees to conserve their supplies, the situation at Burning Man was far from ideal. However, misinformation began to spread like wildfire on social media, with some posts claiming that an Ebola outbreak had occurred at the festival.

Burn of the Man Effigy by Guy Prives

To put it plainly, there is no Ebola outbreak at Burning Man. While the festival faced its share of challenges, including mud-covered grounds and logistical issues, claims of a deadly infectious disease running rampant are entirely false.

The false Ebola outbreak claims emerged primarily on X, a social media platform. Some users shared a fake screenshot allegedly from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), but there's no credible evidence that such a tweet ever existed. Misleading posts also included jokes about testing positive for Ebola, all of which appear to be in poor taste given the gravity of the disease.

Let's reiterate: there is no evidence that anyone at Burning Man has contracted Ebola. While the festival-goers may be facing challenges due to the adverse weather conditions and remote location, it's essential to rely on credible sources for information and avoid spreading baseless rumors.

Burning Man is known for its self-reliance and unique challenges due to its remote location. When unfavorable weather strikes, attendees must be prepared to endure and adapt. The festival's unique environment means that supplies aren't as readily available as they would be in more urban settings.

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