The Home Depot Foundation Announces New Scholarship and Entrepreneurship Partnerships


The Home Depot Foundation, renowned for its unwavering commitment to veterans, communities, and skill development, has once again taken a bold step towards addressing the critical skilled labor gap in the construction industry. The Foundation's recent announcement of an additional investment exceeding $6 million into skilled trades training comes as a beacon of hope for both aspiring professionals and the industry as a whole.

Home Depot Foundation
Courtesy of The Home Depot Foundation

With nearly 400,000 job openings across the construction landscape, the Foundation's proactive approach is both admirable and impactful. The latest expansion of their Path to Pro program reveals a multi-pronged strategy aimed at transforming the industry's workforce landscape.

One of the standout initiatives is the introduction of a pioneering entrepreneurship program. Teaming up with Bunker Labs, the Foundation's entrepreneurship program is uniquely tailored to guide U.S. military veterans and military spouses in navigating the complex terrain of launching a business in the skilled trades. The 8-week program provides invaluable mentorship, market insights, customer profiling strategies, and the art of crafting a solid business plan. Making the program virtually accessible ensures that participants from all corners of the nation can tap into this invaluable resource.

Expanding the Path to Pro scholarship program is another significant stride. By forging partnerships with SkillPointe Foundation and Folds of Honor, the Foundation extends a helping hand to deserving veterans and military family members pursuing accredited skilled trade education. These scholarships not only ease financial burdens but also exemplify the Foundation's dedication to cultivating a diverse, competent, and empowered workforce.

"The Home Depot Foundation's commitment to expanding training opportunities demonstrates their dedication to meeting the demand for skilled tradespeople," expressed Shannon Gerber, Executive Director of The Home Depot Foundation. By embracing entrepreneurship and scholarships, the Foundation ensures that their impact extends far beyond mere training, fostering lasting change and upliftment in the industry.

Long-term collaborator Home Builders Institute, in partnership with The Home Depot Foundation, strengthens the Path to Pro program by reaching out to high school students and military personnel. Through the PACT curriculum certification, both students and separating military members receive access to a realm of opportunities, equipping them for success.

The Path to Pro initiative, launched in 2018 with a $50 million pledge, has proven to be a transformative force. Enabling over 200,000 individuals to discover the skilled trades and training more than 41,000 participants, the program's influence spans across youth, underserved communities, high schools, and the military.

In addition to the Foundation's robust efforts, The Home Depot's Path to Pro Network amplifies impact by connecting skilled tradespeople with professional contractors and job openings. This network's ability to bridge gaps between job seekers and the industry further showcases The Home Depot's dedication to enhancing the trades landscape.

The Home Depot Foundation's visionary work, a testament to their commitment to veterans, community support, and skill enhancement, stands as a beacon of hope in a rapidly evolving world. With a mission to improve the lives of U.S. veterans, bolster communities impacted by disasters, and nurture the skilled workforce of tomorrow, they remain steadfast in their journey of making a meaningful and lasting difference.


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