Talented Atlanta Rappers Pote Baby, CEO Trayle, and Ken Carson Are Selected For AMP’s, The Come Up


AMP, the live radio app from Amazon, is making waves in the music industry with its new emerging artist program called 'The Come Up.' The program aims to unite communities through live audio and discover promising rising artists. Recently, Amp unveiled the first group of talented Atlanta-based artists identified through 'The Come Up': entrepreneur and recording artist Pote Baby, prolific rapper and CEO/founder of 1080 Trademark Records, Trayle, and melodic rapper Ken Carson. This exciting initiative promises to catapult these rising stars to new heights with support from Amazon Music and Amp.

Ken Carson, Pote Bay, and CEO Trayle
Credit: Cam Kirk

The Come Up: Discovering Atlanta's Emerging Talent

Since its launch in June, 'The Come Up' has been a platform for fans to host live radio shows and discuss the hottest rising hip-hop artists from Atlanta. Collaborating with industry veteran Kenny Burns and a group of influential tastemakers in music and culture, Amp has curated conversations that highlight the diverse and evolving talent in the Atlanta hip-hop scene. With the input of show hosts like Kenny Burns, Big Bank, Paige Shari, Su Solo, and DJ Kash, 'The Come Up' selected three outstanding artists from the city.

Spotlight on Pote Baby, CEO Trayle, and Ken Carson

Pote Baby, CEO Trayle, and Ken Carson have been chosen as the first featured artists in 'The Come Up' program. As part of this recognition, they will receive promotional support across Amazon Music and Amp. Additionally, the talented trio will be featured in a captivating three-part mini-documentary series created by Cam Kirk, a visionary creative based in Atlanta. This documentary series will delve into each artist's personal journey and rise to success.

The selected artists will also have the opportunity to be interviewed on popular Amp shows like "The Daily Cannon" with Nick Cannon and "Rotation Radio" with Gabe P and Nyla Symone. Moreover, they will be included in the curated "The Come Up" playlist on Amazon Music, exposing their music to a broader audience.

Atlanta's New Wave of Diverse Talent

Kenny Burns highlights the rich talent pool in Atlanta, emphasizing the city's diversity in artists who excel in singing, rapping, and dancing. The live discussions on Amp have provided a platform for fans to celebrate the new wave of artists, and 'The Come Up' aims to showcase the city's up-and-coming talents.

Excitement and Enthusiasm from the Artists

Pote Baby expresses his excitement about representing the next generation of artists, just as his musical influences did in the past. Ken Carson is proud to be part of an opportunity that spotlights emerging artists from his hometown, recognizing Atlanta's long-standing reputation for producing top-notch musical talent. CEO Trayle commends the new artists for embracing their unique styles and staying true to themselves.

Participate in 'The Come Up'

Fans can actively participate in 'The Come Up' discussions by joining live shows on Amp or creating their own shows using the tag #TheComeUp to debate their favorite rising artists. Additionally, from August 2 to August 6, Amp users on iOS can enjoy a 24-hour stream of replayed 'The Come Up' shows on the "Hip-Hop and R&B All Day" channel and engage in live chats.

Amp's 'The Come Up' program is an exciting opportunity for emerging artists in Atlanta to gain recognition and support from industry professionals. With Pote Baby, CEO Trayle, and Ken Carson as the first featured talents, 'The Come Up' promises to spotlight the city's vibrant and diverse hip-hop scene. Fans can actively engage in discussions and support their favorite artists through live shows and interactive programs on Amp. The program signifies Amp's dedication to reshaping music and entertainment culture while giving a voice to both rising and established talents.

For more information about 'The Come Up' and to join the conversation, download Amp and visit The Come Up page for full details on how to participate.

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