Social Media Food Critic Keith Lee Visits Atlanta, Sparks Debate about Atlanta’s ‘Restaurant Rules’


Keith Lee, a viral food critic who blew up on TikTok for rating different restaurants has come to Atlanta. Lee has visited Atlanta restaurants and left without food several times due to their rules. He visited The Real Milk and Honey in College Park.

In the viral TikTok video Lee made about The Real Milk and Honey he states, "Before we came, we attempted to call our order in and we were greeted with an automatic message that said they did not take call in orders. The automatic message said the only way you can do pickup is to door dash. We went through door dash and they was closed but online it said they close at 5:00p.m. We went on door dash at 4:00pm, but we were already here, so we went inside. I stayed in the car and my family went in and they told them they were closed early for deep cleaning. Yet, the door is wide open and it's people still going to grab their orders. Now, we have no idea if those people ordered beforehand or what the case is. Also, the people who relayed this message my family said were really nice. It's just the rules and so far being in, Atlanta I found some places do have unique rules and this is the one of them"

Lee also stated. "“I did walk in and they did recognize me and attempted the services, but I respectfully declined. I'm a normal person. I pay for my food like everybody else. I walk in to spots like everybody else."

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