Remi Wolf Puts On An Amazing Show in Atlanta


Remi Wolf brought her talents to Atlanta on October 3rd at the Eastern for the Gwingle Gwongle tour.

Remi Wolf is an American singer-songwriter from Palo Alto, California. As a senior at Palo Alto High School, she made an appearance on the hit show "American Idol" in 2014. After being on the show and graduating high school, she continued her studies at USC Thorton School of Music and graduated in 2018. That led her to make her solo debut and release her own music. Wolf released her debut studio album, Juno, in October 2021.

R&B/Soul artist Orion Sun opened the show by performing the song "Smooth," which is on her album "Hold Space For Me," that released in March 2020. She sang songs such as "Dirty Dancer" and "Concrete," which come from her album "Getaway," that released in March 2022.

Wolf opened the show with "Quiet on Set," which is one of the hit songs from her album "Juno." Warm-colored stage lights lit up the stage for an aesthetic that matched the vibe of her music. The lights were also synchronized to the beat of the music.

Wolf also performed songs such as "Sauce," "Wyd," "Guerilla," "Liz," and more. Majority of the songs performed came from her newest album "Juno." The rest of the songs came from her other albums "I'm Allergic to Dogs!" and "You're a Dog." She also performed a cover to Frank Ocean's song, "Pink + White."

Remi Wolf will be on tour in America until mid-November. Information about Wolf's upcoming shows, merch, music and more can be found here.

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