RangeWater Real Estate Enhances Design Team With New Addition, Kori Korczyk


RangeWater Real Estate, a leading rental housing company operating in the Sun Belt and Mountain West regions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Kori Korczyk as the firm's new Director of Design. As the company continues to grow its geographic reach, the addition of Kori Korczyk to the design team strengthens its commitment to offering exceptional interior design services. With a wealth of experience in managing large-scale projects and a passion for innovative design, Korczyk's presence will further elevate the company's forward-thinking design concepts and contribute to the success of its communities.

Kori Korczyk

Kori Korczyk’s Role

In her new role, Kori Korczyk will take charge of managing the interior design team, devising effective marketing strategies, meeting with clients, providing guidance to staff, and closely monitoring project progress. She will be involved in multiple projects, ensuring a seamless integration of design elements and overseeing the preparation of drawings for all phases of development. Additionally, she will collaborate with the senior director and project manager daily to facilitate smooth operations and maintain high design standards.

A Stellar Background

Before joining RangeWater, Kori Korczyk excelled as a project manager/senior interior designer at CID Design Group, where she played a vital role in several RangeWater communities. Notable projects include 51 Oldham in Nashville, Tennessee; Fox Iron Works in Denver, Colorado; and The Flats at West Broad Village in Glen Allen, Virginia. Her involvement in the branding and creative design of Fox Iron Works showcased her commitment to innovative, transit-focused living.

Korczyk's Enthusiasm for RangeWater

Kori Korczyk expressed her delight in joining RangeWater's interior design department, where she can contribute to bringing clients' visions to life. The collaborative and inclusive atmosphere within the design team drew her to this remarkable organization. Her passion for creative solutions and out-of-the-box ideas aligns perfectly with RangeWater's commitment to pushing design boundaries.

Awards and Achievements

Korczyk's accolades include the National Association of Home Builders 2022 Best Sales/Leasing of NOVEL Edgehill and the National Association of Home Builders 2021 Best Communities Amenities of NOVEL West Nashville communities. These awards reflect her exceptional talent and dedication to creating outstanding living spaces.

RangeWater Real Estate is thrilled to welcome Kori Korczyk to its design team as the Director of Design. Her expertise, innovative mindset, and commitment to excellence will undoubtedly enrich the company's interior design services, elevating the living experience for its clients across various communities. With Kori on board, RangeWater continues to build on its success as a fully integrated rental housing company that prioritizes visionary design and exceptional customer experiences.

For more information about RangeWater Real Estate and its offerings, please visit LiveRangeWater.com.

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