Quavo’s Assistant Shot in Takeoff Murder Incident Initiates Lawsuit Against 810 Billiards


Attorneys representing Joshua Washington, a survivor wounded in the November shooting that resulted in the tragic loss of Grammy-nominated rapper Takeoff's life, have taken legal action against 810 Houston, its owners, and property managers. The lawsuit claims that the venue's inadequate security and lack of emergency response contributed to the devastating incident, which claimed Takeoff's life and left others injured.

Washington's legal team, including civil rights attorney Bakari Sellers from the Strom Law Firm and Audia Jones from the Law Office of Audia Jones, has boldly stated their case. "810 Houston was warned that they needed extra security. They knew it was a hotspot for violent crime and that an after-hours event like this could turn deadly in a second. But they ignored those warnings, and now they have blood on their hands," Sellers asserted. "This shooting was a tragedy. But it was a preventable tragedy."

The lawsuit highlights the alleged negligence of the defendants: 810 Houston, LVA4 Houston Greenstreet, Lionstone Partners, Midway Companies Llc, and Cushman & Wakefeld Of Texas. Despite assurances of security measures, the lawsuit claims that the venue failed to implement basic precautions, leaving attendees vulnerable. This lack of preparation reportedly contributed to the unfortunate circumstances that night.

"They had no properly trained security personnel, adequate signage, lighting, or cameras. They had no screening to keep out weapons. They didn't even have a working metal detector," explained Jones, underscoring the alleged negligence. "This was a powder keg of their own making, and individuals like Takeoff and Joshua Washington got caught in the explosion."

Joshua Washington, who was working as a personal assistant to Takeoff's uncle and bandmate Quavo at the time of the incident, recalled the horrifying moment when promised security measures were conspicuously absent as gunfire erupted. "There was no one," Washington recounted. "The bullets started flying, and no one came to help. There were no security guards trying to stop the shooting, no one to help those of us who were hurt, no one at all. They just left us there to die."

As an innocent bystander, Washington suffered gunshot wounds to his right side, narrowly missing his colon. Presently residing in Georgia, he is a testament to the urgent need for proper security measures and emergency response during public events.

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