New series ‘Drive with Swizz Beatz’ featuring hip-hop producer and his son Nasir Dean to debut on Hulu November 16


Be prepared for an exciting journey into the world of car culture and celebrities with the new docu-series "Drive with Swizz Beatz" by Onyx Collective. This groundbreaking six-episode series will premiere exclusively on Hulu on Thursday, November 16. Viewers will be taken on a global tour of high-octane thrills, car culture, and unique stories that fuel our fascination with the open road.

The series will showcase captivating locations such as Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Atlanta, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. Hip-hop icon and car enthusiast Swizz Beatz, along with his son Nasir Dean, also known as Note Mercato, will unite diverse car clubs through their shared passion for all things automotive.

Each episode will explore the essence of car culture in its unique backdrop, delving into the heart of communities that rally around the power of a well-crafted machine. The show will highlight the triumphs of those who have defied the odds, propelled by their unyielding drive and sheer determination.

The series is crafted by an ensemble of visionary producers, including Jay Brown and Tyran "Ty Ty" Smith of Ty Ty and Jay Brown Productions, Raymond Garcia of Major TV, Emmet Dennis of Black Drive Originals, and Christian Sarabia of 51 Minds.

"Drive with Swizz Beatz" promises to redefine automotive entertainment and revolutionize streaming platforms. The series will be exclusively available on Hulu in the United States, on Star+ in Latin America, and on Disney+ in all other territories.

With its star-studded cast, international flair, and captivating narrative, "Drive with Swizz Beatz" is gearing up to deliver an unprecedented experience that will redefine the way we look at car culture, all while cruising through the realms of entertainment innovation. The premiere date is fast approaching and anticipation is building for what promises to be a dynamic series.


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