Marsai Martin and Inspire a New Generation of Glasses Wearers in New “Four Eyes Are Better Than Two” Campaign


American actress and producer, Marsai Martin, most famously known for her roles in "Black-ish" and "Little," has teamed up with, the United States' premier online eyewear retailer to reshape perceptions of eyewear. The launch of the "Four Eyes Are Better Than Two" Campaign marks a significant step towards showcasing glasses as not just vision correction tools, but also powerful accessories that amplify personal potential. The campaign introduces a specially curated eyewear collection co-created by Marsai Martin, a BET award winner and industry trailblazer known for her exceptional sense of style.

"I always grew up with the idea that glasses are made to empower you. This collection from is the true meaning behind my personal journey. As a proud glasses wearer, glasses have always been a huge part of my personal styles and this collection is truly ME.” shares Marsai Martin.

With a collection boasting an impressive 28 styles, the "Four Eyes Are Better Than Two" Campaign celebrates self-expression and individuality. The assortment includes both prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, catering to a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences. Marsai Martin's partnership with is a testament to her belief that glasses can be a dynamic extension of one's personal style, enhancing confidence and uniqueness.

The collaboration brings a fresh perspective to the eyewear industry. Known for her advocacy of eyewear and as a role model for young audiences, Marsai's involvement aims to inspire a new generation of glasses wearers. This collaboration bridges the gap between vision correction and style, allowing individuals to embrace their authentic selves through their eyewear choices.

Starting at $88, the collection comprises a diverse range of styles designed to suit various tastes. From sleek professionalism to bold fashion-forward statements, each frame in the collection showcases Marsai Martin's unique sense of style. The campaign includes three separate drops, with the first drop channeling the vibrant spirit of summer.'s collaboration with Marsai Martin aligns perfectly with the company's commitment to enhancing the lives of glasses wearers. By offering a carefully curated collection that champions self-expression, the brand empowers wearers to showcase their individuality confidently. The campaign embodies the philosophy that "four eyes are better than two," advocating for eyewear as a means to enhance personal potential.'s dedication to innovation and customer convenience is evident through its advanced tools. The "Pair-fect Pair" quiz employs cutting-edge AI technology to help customers find frames that suit their unique features. The Augmented Reality Virtual Mirror allows customers to try on glasses virtually using their mobile phones or webcams. Additionally, the free "Prescription Scanner" app enables customers to obtain their glasses prescription effortlessly.

As celebrates its 15th anniversary, the collaboration with Marsai Martin stands as a testament to the brand's dedication to making eyewear accessible and empowering. The brand's extensive selection of over 10,000 styles ensures something for everyone's style and preference. The collaboration is a milestone in the brand's mission to enhance the lives of glasses wearers, encouraging them to embrace their unique style and potential.

The "Four Eyes Are Better Than Two" Campaign, born from the synergy between Marsai Martin and, promises to revolutionize eyewear perception. By marrying style and vision correction, the collection underscores the idea that glasses can be an extension of one's personality and a tool for empowerment. As the campaign unfolds, individuals are invited to explore the collection online and discover eyewear that celebrates their uniqueness.

For more information and to explore the exclusive collection, visit's Marsai Martin Collection. To learn more about's innovative tools and services, visit

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