Lil Yachty’s Electrifying Performance at Coca-Cola Roxy for The Field Trip Tour


Lil Yachty's recent performance at the Coca-Cola Roxy in Atlanta for The Field Trip Tour presented a captivating blend of musical experimentation and camaraderie. The tour, marking the celebration of his latest album "Let’s Start Here," took audiences on a unique journey through Yachty’s evolving musical landscape, diverging from his traditional hip-hop roots towards a more psychedelic rock-influenced sound.

Photo Credit: Alive Coverage

The sold-out show illuminated Yachty's commanding stage presence, contradicting the diminutive aspect of his moniker. His seamless navigation through the concert underscored his star power while exuding an effortlessly smooth aura.

Photo Credit: Alive Coverage

The night commenced with the Concrete Family, an assembly of burgeoning rappers, each delivering their own set while collectively energizing the audience for the main event. Following their act, Nick Hakim’s alternative rock performance bridged the musical gap, albeit struggling to fully engage a crowd more attuned to rap anthems than rock classics.

Photo Credit: Alive Coverage

Prior to Lil Yachty’s appearance, his all-female band took the stage, a moment that emphasized his appreciation for his accompanying musicians. Yachty, known for his adept use of autotune, lauded the vocal prowess of his band members, highlighting their superior singing abilities.

The concert kicked off with tracks from "Let’s Start Here," setting a vibrant tone accompanied by pulsating strobe lights and impassioned performances. Yachty seamlessly transitioned into a medley of his older works, invoking nostalgic fervor among the crowd with hits like “Minnesota” and “Broccoli.”

Throughout the evening, the young audience exhibited sheer excitement, eagerly anticipating each song selection. Despite the extensive repertoire of Lil Yachty, the crowd's enthusiasm never waned.

Although minimal in his interactions, Yachty let the music take center stage, treating the audience to a 26-song setlist and surprising them with guest appearances like Atlanta rapper Lil Baby.

One attendee on Twitter stated, “Lil Yachty brought out Lil Baby, the mosh pit went crazy, and he performed with a band + stage graphics - 10/10”

The concert's culmination featured a quartet of tracks from "Let’s Start Here," concluding with Yachty symbolically lying on the ground, rising again, and later taking a knee during a band member's solo—an ode to their collective musical prowess.

In essence, Lil Yachty’s concert exuded an air of fun and laid-back vibes, echoing the spirit of his latest album's title, "Let’s Start Here." The Field Trip Tour serves as a gateway to a new phase in Yachty’s musical journey, blending genres and charting unexplored territories.

The setlist showcased the diversity of his musical catalog, intertwining new experimental tracks with beloved classics, ensuring an unforgettable experience for fans, both seasoned and new.

Full setlist
• drive ME crazy!
• the ride-
• pRETTy
• The Alchemist./sHouLd i B?
• In the Air Tonight
• Slide
• Split/Whole Time
• Get Dripped
• Yacht Club
• Flex Up
• Coffin
• From the D to the A
• Minnesota
• Broccoli
• iSpy
• Poland
• Strike (Holster)
• One Night
• THE zone~
• the BLACK seminole.

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