#iVoted Festival returns this year to help increase voter turnout


What if you were told that a simple selfie could win you access to over 600 concerts nationwide? The #iVoted festival provides an enticing approach to increasing voter turnout in the U.S., rewarding those who show a selfie from outside their polling place or at home with their unmarked ballot to access to in-person and live webcast concerts. The #iVoted Festival was first produced during the pandemic and drew a massive audience for its 2020 digital concert. Now, it’s returning for the midterm elections in 2022.  

Founder & CEO of #iVoted and author of Amazon's #1 selling best-selling book How to Build a Sustainable Music Career and Collect All Revenue Streams, Emily White proudly leads her non-profit with a team that’s 92% BIPOC, women, non-binary, or LGBQ+. White also serves on the board of the Well-Dunn Foundation, which provides paid entertainment industry internships and mentorship to diverse students.  

White is an advocate for voter participation and urges everyone to get out and vote in this upcoming election.  

“Georgia is certainly a state whose electoral margins have been decided by the size of a venue,” says White when stressing the importance of GA Voting. “Everyone can make a difference.”  

White is not only passionate about revolutionizing voter turnout but training and mentoring the next generation of activists and leaders.  

"We hear from our young team all the time that they see themselves reflecting leadership,” says White. 

Another voting initiative, The #iVoted Sweepstakes gives fans another opportunity to see a list of trending artists perform. The entry period began at 12:00:00PM Eastern Time ("ET") on September 26, 2022 and ends at 12:00:00 PM ET on November 7, 2022. All entries must be received during the Entry Period to be eligible. There are a couple of ways to enter this contest, all of them being as easy as choosing which artist you’re most excited to check out at the #iVoted Festival, snapping a quick selfie at the polls, or if you’re underage, explaining why you’re excited to vote. Entering the #iVoted sweepstakes automatically grants all entries access to the election night webcast Tuesday, November 8th. 

In 2020, an MIT study showed that it was exponentially more effective (over 7%) in getting voters to the polls than any other voting initiative. Although turnouts are typically lower during midterm elections, sweepstake participation has caucasian voters' hopes & expectations high.

For more updates and additional information on the #iVoted festival, visit: https://ivotedfestival.org/ 

You can find the list of GA shows fans can win tickets to via the #iVoted Early Sweepstakes here: GA shows.

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