HYBE Acquires Atlanta Rap Empire, Quality Control


HYBE inks historic deal with QC Media Holdings, Inc., the parent company for Pierre “P” Thomas and Kevin “Coach K” Lee’s music, sports, and film & television empire (“Quality Control”), greatly increasing its footprint in the music landscape while diversifying the company’s offerings as it continues to be to be one of the most dominant entertainment and lifestyle platforms in the world.
- This merger acquisition is part of the larger vision for HYBE that is shared by Bang, Scooter and the rest of HYBE’s leadership; to create a truly global entertainment platform that is rooted in music, the artists that create music, and the loyal fans across the world that are inspired by that music.

With this partnership, QC will benefit from HYBE’s global entertainment innovation capabilities
QC, founded by CEO Pierre “P” Thomas and COO Kevin “Coach K” Lee, is among the most influential labels, responsible for groundbreaking acts such as Migos, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby, and City Girls.

“I am so proud and honored to have Coach and P join Bang and myself as our partners,” said HYBE America CEO Scooter Braun. “QC is one of the most significant independent labels in the world, working with incredible artists who are, and remain to be, the voices of culture. I’ll never forget riding around Atlanta over 20 years ago with Coach discussing our dreams and ambitions and how we said: ‘If they let us in the game, we are never going to give it back’. Now, all these years later, we are joining forces to make these dreams a reality. It’s important to my team and me that P and Coach continue to have the freedom, and now our global resources, to continue to do what they do best; facilitate and nurture great art and culture.” 

Photo Credit: Cam Kirk

“HYBE are perfect partners for Quality Control as we come together to take our story and work global. All of HYBE’s leaders are entrepreneurs with phenomenal, combined history finding talent and taking it to the highest levels. Taking QC worldwide requires key partners like this who understand building something from the bottom and aiming sky high. It matters to us greatly their grasp of culture and acutely seeing what QC has built and the limitless path of where it can go. QC and HYBE both have an existing relationship with the Universal Music Group family of companies makes this seamless. We have so much gratitude to the whole QC family of artists and without them this wouldn’t be possible. This partnership will create a global platform for our artists which has been our goal since day one for them,” said Pierre “P” Thomas, Co-Founder, CEO of QC.
“P and I are ecstatic about this partnership with Scooter and HYBE and are confident they can get us to our global ambitions we’ve had in our scope since the beginning of our company as nothing means more than our artists impacting world-wide. Over many years Scooter and I have cultivated real trust and a common way of looking at the world and culture. An added bonus of this partnership is the fact that both QC and HYBE have existing relationships with the UMG family and that will create an easy flow that will benefit the artists. The artists of QC are our focus and their best interests will be incredibly supported with this partnership,” said Kevin “Coach K” Lee, Co-Founder, COO of QC.

This collaboration will drive HYBE’s strategy to expand and diversify its global entertainment footprint 
The acquisition represents the first initiative orchestrated by Scooter Braun as sole CEO of HYBE AMERICA, underscoring Scooter’s key role in the expansion plans for HYBE given his track record and reputation in the industry as well as his ability to bring key players to the table.
This is part of a strategic and concerted effort by HYBE to diversify its offerings and the company’s dedication to groundbreaking innovation via technology investments and strategic partnerships. The first strategic partnership was with Ithaca, which immediately diversified HYBE’s portfolio by including Scooter Braun Projects and Big Machine Label Group. Now with QC, HYBE has made another significant inroad into other genres of music.  
In addition to expanding its footprint in the music industry, HYBE is focused on building out its already robust tech portfolio which consists of innovative global platform Weverse, a global multimedia fandom hub that connects artists to fan communities, and recently acquired Artificial Intelligence audio company Supertone.
“Based on hip-hop, QC has been making a strong presence in the American music scene. With our shared vision, I have high hopes in what we can operate and achieve together,” said Jiwon Park, CEO, HYBE.
“This partnership is a vital part of our growth plan to innovate the entertainment industry through a diversified portfolio and advanced technology. We will work together to continue adding depth of hip-hop to the global music industry,” said Bang Si-Hyuk, Chairman, HYBE.

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