Chris Tucker and Maria Taylor to Host Beloved Benefit with Special Performance by John Legend


Actor, Chris Tucker and sports commentator Maria Taylor are set to host The Same House's Beloved Benefit. This year's event is also set for a special performance by singer, John Legend. The event takes place on August 24th at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA.

Every year, this remarkable event takes place in Atlanta that transcends boundaries and unites communities. This event, known as The Beloved Benefit, is a signature program of The Same House that captures the essence of unity, compassion, and progress. The Beloved Benefit has become an annual tradition that brings together people from all neighborhoods and communities in Atlanta, fostering a stronger, more vibrant city for everyone.

The core purpose of The Beloved Benefit is to raise awareness, funds, and inspire action around key issues that our city faces. With a steadfast commitment to collaboration, The Beloved Benefit works alongside local partners, leaders, and residents to address these challenges and create a more equitable and healthier environment for all. It's not just an event; it's a movement that nurtures the responsibility of every Atlantan to love and respect one another.

Courtesy of The Same House

The Beloved Benefit presents an extraordinary evening that showcases top-notch talent, stories, and speakers that ignite motivation for change. The event is designed to encourage individuals to contribute towards building the Beloved Community in Atlanta—a community characterized by understanding, empathy, and unity.

Reflecting on the impact of previous years, The Beloved Benefit has been a catalyst for transformative change. The 2022 event, headlined by Maroon 5 and Usher, managed to raise over $6 million. These funds were directed towards supporting 19 organizations that are dedicated to fostering greater economic mobility throughout Atlanta. The impact of this initiative extends beyond financial contributions; it represents a commitment to creating lasting change that empowers individuals and communities.

In 2019, The Beloved Benefit took center stage with Steve Harvey and Bruno Mars leading the charge. This event achieved a remarkable feat by raising over $5 million, which was channeled into 15 organizations that are making a significant impact on the lives of those residing on Atlanta's Westside. It's a testament to the collective spirit of the city, where individuals from all walks of life come together to make a meaningful difference.

Thanks to the dedicated leadership behind The Beloved Benefit, over $12 million has been raised to date for nonprofit organizations that are actively working towards positive change across Atlanta. This financial support serves as a lifeline for initiatives that are making tangible differences in the lives of individuals and families.

The Beloved Benefit is not just an event; it's an inspiring evening with a ripple effect of lasting impact. It reminds us that when people unite with a common purpose, their collective efforts can transform lives and communities. As The Beloved Benefit continues to thrive, it becomes a shining example of how art, unity, and collaboration can drive meaningful change and elevate Atlanta into a city that truly embodies the concept of a Beloved Community.

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