Chris Stapleton Packs Out Ameris Bank Amphitheatre in Atlanta


Atlanta witnessed a night of musical magic as country and Southern rock sensation Chris Stapleton took to the stage for his summer U.S. tour.

Stapleton is known for his voice that seem to pour buckets of soul into every note he sings. Stapleton's set showcased his signature blend of country twang and Southern rock finesse.

As the arena filled to capacity, Chris Stapleton graced the stage with an electrifying performance that showcased his exceptional songwriting, top-tier musicianship, genuine country charm, and Southern rock-fueled anthems. Stapleton kicked off with crowd favorites like "Nobody to Blame" and "Parachute," immediately igniting sing-alongs from the 11,000-plus audience who remained on their feet throughout most of the show.

Stapleton's charismatic presence and undeniable talent were on full display as he moved through hits like "Second One to Know," "Starting Over," and "Millionaire." He took a poignant break from the energetic set to perform solo, captivating the audience with "Maggie's Song," a heartfelt tribute to his beloved dog.

One of the evening's highlights was the rock-infused "Midnight Train to Memphis" and the infectious new track "Crossland," paying homage to the nation's truckers. These songs, among others, set Stapleton apart from the traditional country fare, demonstrating his unique ability to blend genres effortlessly. As he sang, "The devil named music is taking my life," it was evident that Stapleton's musical journey has been one worth savoring for his devoted legion of fans.

Chris Stapleton and his talented fellow performers created a memorable evening of music. Click here for more tour dates and here to pre-order his new album, Higher.

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