Advance Auto Parts Offers Students a Chance to Win Free Gas for Four Years


Advance Auto Parts, a prominent automotive aftermarket parts provider, has recently announced a commendable initiative to support incoming college freshmen in their pursuit of education. Through their "Fuel Ride to College" sweepstakes, they aim to alleviate financial strain and safety concerns faced by both students and their parents.

As gasoline prices continue to rise, the burden on college students becomes increasingly evident. According to recent data from Atomik Research, a staggering 67% of college students identify gasoline expenses as a significant financial strain on their wallets. Similarly, 76% of parents of incoming freshmen express concern about their child's ability to afford gas during their college years.

Atomik Research surveys commissioned by Advance Auto Parts reveal that parents are also deeply concerned about their college-bound students' safety. Approximately 63% of parents feel anxious about their children's safety in maintaining their vehicles, and 73% experience heightened anxiety about car safety compared to their child's senior year in high school. Disturbingly, more than half of college students admit to ignoring critical dashboard alerts such as "check engine" and "low battery warning."

To alleviate these anxieties, Advance Auto Parts has introduced the "Fuel Ride to College" sweepstakes. The program aims to award ten lucky winners four years of free gasoline, providing financial relief for their transportation needs throughout college. This initiative not only offers financial support but also addresses safety concerns by encouraging responsible vehicle maintenance.

In addition to the "Fuel Ride to College" sweepstakes, Advance Auto Parts, along with its team of friendly automotive experts, is offering free "off-to-campus" in-store services nationwide. These services include free battery testing and installation, wiper blade installation, and check engine light scanning. By providing these services, Advance seeks to ensure that college students and their parents have peace of mind regarding their automobiles' reliability and safety.

The Atomik surveys emphasize the critical impact of gasoline expenses on college attendance. One-third of students have been deterred from attending classes, study groups, or the library due to a lack of gas money. Additionally, 60% of incoming college students' parents share this concern, fearing that their child's access to education-related activities may be hindered by fuel costs.

To cover gas expenses, many college students are forced to make compromises in their budgets. Over one-third of students have cut back on groceries, while 25% have compromised on school supplies. This reveals the pressing need for financial support to alleviate students' financial burdens and ensure their academic success.

Advance Auto Parts has joined forces with auto racing driver and television personality Arie Luyendyk Jr. to promote the "Fuel Ride to College" sweepstakes. This partnership aims to encourage incoming freshmen to participate in the sweepstakes and raise awareness about Advance's commitment to providing parents peace of mind through complimentary in-store services.

Advance Auto Parts' "Fuel Ride to College" sweepstakes is a commendable initiative that addresses the pressing concerns faced by incoming college freshmen and their parents. By offering financial support and complimentary in-store services, Advance aims to ease the anxieties surrounding gasoline expenses and vehicle safety. Through this program, they aspire to ensure that students can fully embrace their college experience without financial hindrance and with the reassurance of safe and reliable transportation. To learn more about the sweepstakes and eligibility requirements, visit before Aug. 18 and take the first step towards a smoother ride to college.

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