27 Years of Terror: NETHERWORLD Haunted House Opens for a New Season


Brace yourself for another heart-pounding season of frights as NETHERWORLD Haunted House unleashes its 27th Season of Screams. This legendary haunted attraction is set to open its iron-bound doors once again, offering attendees a chance to face their deepest fears and encounter two new chilling haunts: PRIMORDIAL and CRYPTID CHAOS. Get ready for an unparalleled experience in terror and excitement.

Image Courtesy of NETHERWORLD Haunted House

Dates and Times

The scares begin on September 22-23 and continue on September 29-30. The haunted house will also be open on select dates throughout October and November, including October 1-15, 17-31, and November 3-5, 10-11. The doors open nightly at 7 p.m., with closing times varying.


Head over to 1313 Netherworld Way, Stone Mountain, GA 30087, to immerse yourself in the spine-tingling atmosphere of NETHERWORLD Haunted House.

Tickets and Details

Both regular tickets and speed passes for expedited entry will be available for purchase. Keep an eye out for the ticket release date, and make sure to secure your spot by purchasing tickets in advance at www.fearworld.com.

For nearly three decades, NETHERWORLD has been a beacon of horror excellence, consistently pushing the boundaries of fear with its intricate sets, cutting-edge special effects, and astonishingly realistic monsters. Located in Stone Mountain, GA, this haunted house has become a must-visit attraction for fear enthusiasts far and wide. With its 27th Season of Screams, NETHERWORLD introduces two new haunts that promise to elevate the terror to new heights.

PRIMORDIAL: Unleash Elemental Horror

PRIMORDIAL is a continuation of The Undying Horror tale experienced by visitors last year. Elemental beings of water, wind, Earth, and fire, fueled by the energy of the gateway to the NETHERWORLD, have emerged into our universe. Their mission: to destroy all of the Netherspawn that had arrived before them. Brace yourself for a battle that could shape the fate of mankind and the NETHERWORLD itself.

CRYPTID CHAOS: Unveil the Nightmare

In CRYPTID CHAOS, the Boogeyman returns to unleash a twisted world of living nightmares. To bring this dark fantasy to life, the Boogeyman seeks dark energy from the realms of its origin. But the Cryptid Creatures trapped in a secret facility known as the BOX fight back, mutating the staff and setting the stage for an epic battle at the top of the food chain.

The co-founders of NETHERWORLD, Ben Armstrong and Billy Messina, bring their passion for horror and extensive experience in film, television, and the haunted attraction industry to create an unparalleled experience for horror aficionados. The new haunts promise intense new experiences and "WOW" moments that are sure to leave visitors breathless.

Beyond the heart-pounding terror of the haunted houses, NETHERWORLD offers an immersive Halloween festival-styled Midway. From roaming creatures to massive dragons and captivating photo ops, the Midway is an extension of the NETHERWORLD experience. Attendees can also indulge in a variety of food options, including new additions like fudge, pretzels, and bratwurst, as well as fan-favorites like Dr. Octane's Bizarre Beverages.

NEITHERWORLD Haunted House has become a beloved tradition for horror enthusiasts. As it celebrates its 27th season, it continues to redefine the boundaries of fear and imagination. Get ready to face your deepest fears and embark on a journey through the unknown.

For more information and updates about NETHERWORLD Haunted House, visit www.fearworld.com and follow on all social media platforms @netherworldhauntedhouse. Get ready to embrace the terror and experience the thrill like never before.

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